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RECORDING OF: The COMPLETE New Patient Dental Marketing Workshop

Saturday, October 15, 2022 - Tuesday, October 15, 2024

09:00 AM - 05:00 PM


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Who is The COMPLETE New Patient Dental Marketing Workshop for?

-Anyone who is struggling to find enough quantity or quality of new patients.

-Those who have been unsuccessful in past marketing endeavors but don't really know why.

-Anyone who'd like to add more Influence to their current marketing by utilizing Dr. Robert Cialidini's 6 behavioral science Principles of Persuasion. 

-If you're looking for solutions to help your team answer and schedule more new patient calls and eliminate costly no shows. 

-Those interested in learning a proven behavioral science approach to increasing case presentation. 

-Anyone who'd like to learn how to close their back door and limit or eliminate their patient attrition. 

-If you're looking to understand the post COVID patient mindset and why you're starting to see old habits return such as an increase in patients cancelling, rescheduling or no showing on you. 

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Based off his new textbook series, the COMPLETE Book On Dental Marketing, in this workshop Dr. Phelps will take you through the 5 main areas that affect your marketing ROI and give you step by step ways you achieve success in each of these critical areas.

You'll learn Dr. Phelps 7 Pillars of Marketing to attract the right quantity and quality of new patients to your practice. Covering different mediums such as print, online, lead generation, public relation, parasite vs synergistic network marketing and more. You'll leave with a profound understanding in each of these areas and will feel confident becoming the CEO of your marketing department. 

With that area mastered, Dr. Phelps will then turn his attention to the Lost Opportunity side of the marketing coin. The one often overlooked by practices. Here he'll dive into proven strategies on how to answer and schedule more new patient calls as well as how to influence those patients to show. These are the same strategies his call agents at Golden Goose Scheduling utilize and why they've had a 90% conversion and show rate on new patient calls for the last 5 years. 

Next, Dr. Phelps will take a deep dive into case presentation strategies that you can use to turn your patient's dental need and influence them to want it. Why is this important? Because in that battle of need vs want, it's the wants in our patients lives that are driving their decisions and priorities. Not their dental needs. 

On the Attrition side, few actually understand how to calculate how many people are actively leaving their practice every month and not returning. But without knowing that number, you can't really start to grow your practice successfully as it costs you 4 times the amount it should to replace them and the production lost with a new patient. By focusing on the main reasons why people are leaving, Dr. Phelps will show you actionable things you can do to limit and/or eliminate this attrition issue in your practice. 

Lastly, Dr. Phelps will review the patient mindsets that COVID has created and why it's completely opposite of what we experienced in a PreCovid world. Knowing this mindset shift and understanding it, you'll be better able to attract more quality new patients and increase your case acceptance until we see a reversal of this mindset shift. 

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